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Technical Overview:

ARATHANE® 5753 A/B-40
(Formerly Uralane 5753A/B(LV) & Uralane 5753A/B-40)

Urethane Adhesive, Potting, Encapsulating & Casting Compound

ARATHANE® 5753 A/B(LV) is a translucent, amber, two component polyurethane casting compound which when
cured provides excellent electrical insulation to electrical/electronic parts.  ARATHANE 5753 A/B-40 is a black
pigmented version of the standard product.  This product has been one of the leading flexible adhesives,
encapsulants, and casting compounds in military, aerospace and other high performance applications Over the
last 30 years.

ARATHANE® 5753 A/B(LV) exhibits excellent reversion resistance under heat and high humidity conditions as well
as retaining superior flexibility in many cyrogenic applications.  As a cured system, the polymer meets NASA out-
gassing requirements which makes it suitable for many applications in outer space, high vacuum environments,
and in optical components.

ARATHANE® 5753 A/B (LV) is typically recommended for encapsulating coils, trimpots, potentiometers and
modules with complicated circuitry and/or stress sensitive components.  It is also used for staking, bonding, ad
vibration dampening and can be used to mold and cast cable connectors and other flexible components. With the
use of ARATHANE® 5753 TX thixotropic agent this system can be used made slump and run resistant whic is
often helpful in wire staking, damming and glob top applications

  • Excellent Hydrolytic Stability and Thermal Aging resistance
  • 100% solids for improved ease of use and handling (no solvents or VOCs)
  • Low outgassing, meeting NASA requirements
  • High thermal shock resistance & low modulus for greater component protection and reliability

Product description:   (typical or average values)

Viscosity, cP                        ASTM D-2393                                50
    Spindle #1/50rpm                Model RVT                                
    Density, g/cm3                    ASTM D-1475                                1.21
Flash point, open cup, ºC   ASTM D-92                                   >93
Percent solids                     ASTM D-2584                                100%
As supplied form                                                                       amber liquid
Shelf life, unopened                                                                 6 months
Disposal                                Regular procedures approved by national and /or local authorities

Viscosity, cP                       ASTM D-2393                             7500
    Spindle #2/10rpm                Model RVT                                
    Density, g/cm3                   ASTM D-1475                              1.0
Flash point, open cup, ºC  ASTM D-92                                 >93
Percent solids                    ASTM D-2584                              100
As supplied form                                                                    transparent to slightly hazy liquid
Shelf life, unopened                                                              6 months
Disposal                                Regular procedures approved by national and /or local authorities

Viscosity, cP                       ASTM D-2393                             7500
      Spindle #2/10rpm                Model RVT                                
    Density, g/cm3                   ASTM D-1475                              1.0
Flash point, open cup, ºC  ASTM D-92                                 >93
Percent solids                    ASTM D-2584                              100
As supplied form                                                                    Black liquid
Shelf life, unopened                                                              6 months
Disposal                                Regular procedures approved by national and /or local authorities

ARATHANE®  5753 A/B(LV) and ARATHANE®  5753 A/B-40 are moisture sensitive and should be stored in a dry
place and, whenever possible, in the tightly closed original containers at 25ºC – 40ºC.  Under these conditions,
shelf life will be 6 months from date of shipping.  Opened containers should be resealed using dry nitrogen or
argon to blanket the containers to exclude moisture.  Be sure to thoroughly clean threads of the 5753A container,
preferably with a solvent such as acetone or MEK, prior to re-sealing or the lid may become locked in place as
small amounts of the5753A on the threads reacts with atmospheric moisture.   Exposure of Part A to low
temperatures may cause crystallization.  Part A must be reliquified by heating to 70ºC (158ºF) prior to use.  For
information on waste disposal and hazardous products of decomposition in the event of fire, refer to the Material
Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for these particular products.

The most common package size for this product is a Quart kit (840 grams net - 140 grams of 5753A & 700 grams
of 5753B(LV) or 5753B40).  Kits are sold individually or in cases of 12.  Individual 5753A & 5753B(LV) or
5753B40 containers are available as well.

Many other package sizes are available.  Examples include of specialty packaging that we've done for this sysem
  • 5-gallon pails
  • Pre-weighed syringes kits for small volume field use (eliminates the need for weighing and can be kitted with
    mixxing cups, stirrers and any other supplies desired.)
  • Sem-kits or Techkits

    Please contact Specialty Polymers & Service, Inc. (SP&S) at (661) 294-1790 or info @ spolymers.com for
    pricing, packaging, and availability.

System preparation
First ensure that the 5753A part A is ready for use.  it should be mostly or completely transparent and have no
more than 3/8" of white crystals on the bottom of the container. If the 5753A is cloudy, has significants amounts of
white crystals on the sides of the container or is otherwise abnormal, heat for 2-4 hours at 70ºC (158ºF).  When
the 5753A is clear and/or most of the crystals are dissolved cool to about 25C prior to use. Material is ready for
use if level of precipitate is below 3/8 inches.  Do not agitate.  Slowly decant clear resin out of the bottle without
disturbing the precipitate.  Enough material has been packaged to allow for any precipitate and to assure
sufficient Part A.  For best results, filter Part A through dry nylon tricot, 10–25 micron size.

Use entire bottle so remaining material will not be contaminated with moisture.  If this is not possible, any
remaining material must be well blanketed with dry nitrogen or argon and the cap tightened securely.  Store at 25–
40ºC for best long-term stability.

Mixing container should preferably be plastic, glass, or metal.  Paper and wooden containers or utensils are not
recommended because of high moisture content.  Weigh Part B into container first then add Part A to container.  
(Do not use Part A if precipitate level is greater than 3/8” - see discussion above.)  Slow machine mixing or hand
stirring will minimize air entrapment.  Complete and thorough mixing of Parts A and B is essential for optimum end
properties - we recommend mixing for a minimum of 2 minutes. For best results, the mixed Arathane 5753 should
be vacuum degassed by drawing 29-29.5 inches of Hg for 2-3 minutes.  Material will rise and “break” so allow
enough room for expansion inside the container (typically a volume 3-4 times the volume of mixed material.

Mix Ratios                                                                                 parts by weight                
ARATHANE® 5753–A                                                              20                
ARATHANE® 5753B(LV) or ARATHANE 5753 B-40                100                

Processing Data (average values)
Initial viscosity, cP                ASTM D-2393                             6000
Spindle #2/10rpm                Model RVT                                
Pot life @ 25ºC, 100g, minutes                FTM 203                 30
Recommended Cure time                                                      24 hours@ 25C ** or
8 hours @ 95C
** Cure schedule results in approximately 90 - 95% of final properties, additional room temperature or elevated
temperature cure is required for 100% properties.

Cure Properties (not for specification purposes)

Pysical Properties

Hardness Shore A*        ASTM D-2240            45
Tensile strength            ASTM D-638              350 psi
Elongation                     ASTM D-638              250%
Tg, ºC                                                             -70ºC
Thermal Conductivity                                      3.9 x 10-4 Cal/sec- cm-ºC (0.18 W/mK)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient, ppm               
    Alpha 1 (below Tg)                               76
    Alpha 2  (above Tg)                             170
    Fungus resistance        MIL-I-46058C        Non-nutrient
Suggested Maximum Continuous Use Temperature, ºC        130

Outgassing at 10-6 Torr                
Total mass loss         ASTM E-595**             0.41%
Collectible volatile condensable materials, %        ASTM E-595**        0.03
**Also see NASA Publication 1061

Typical Electrical properties

Volume resistivity, ohm•cm        ASTM D-257        
    At 25ºC                9.3 x 1015
    At 95ºC                2.0 x 1013
    Dielectric strength        ASTM D-149        350
Dielectric constant, at 25C        ASTM D-150        
    At 60 Hz                3.33
    At 1 MHz                2.90
    Dissipation factor, at 25C        ASTM D-150        
    At 60 Hz                0.027
    At 1 MHz                0.025
    Arc resistance        ASTM D-495        75 sec

Please note that a great deal of other data is available for this polymer - if you are interested in a property not
reported here please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with further information.

Handling Precautions
Do not handle or use until the Material Safety Data Sheets for resin and hardener have been read and

Personal Hygiene & Safety Precautions:

Warning!     Causes severe eye and skin irritation and possible eye burns.  Vapor or mist harmful if inhaled.  
Harmful if swallowed.  May cause allergic respiratory and skin reaction.

ARATHANE® 5753 B(LV)  or ARATHANE 5753 B-40
Caution!   May cause eye irritation.  Prolonged or repeated skin contact may cause irritation and may cause
allergic skin reaction.  Harmful if inhaled.  Harmful if swallowed.

Work in a well-ventilated area and use clean, dry tools for mixing and applying.  For two component systems,
combine the resin and hardener according to mix ratio.  Mix together thoroughly and use immediately after mixing.  
Material temperature should not be below 65°F (18°C) when mixing.

First Aid
In case of contact:
Skin:        Immediately wash with soap and water.  Remove contaminated clothing and launder before reuse.  
Destroy contaminated shoes.
Eyes:        Immediately flush with water for at least 15 minutes.  Call a physician.
Ingestion:        If conscious, give plenty of water to drink.  Do not induce vomiting.  Call a physician.
Inhalation:        Remove to fresh air.  Administer oxygen or artificial respiration if necessary.  Call a physician.
Other:        Referral to physician is recommended if there is any question about the seriousness of any injury.

Specialty Polymers & Services, Inc. is the Authorized Exclusive Distributor for this Product whcih is prodcued by
Huntsman Advanced Materials (formerly  known as Vantico, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Ciba-Geigy, and Furane

IMPORTANT:  The following supercedes Buyer’s documents.  SELLER MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR
PURPOSE.  No statements herein are to be construed as inducements to infringe any relevant patent.  Under no
circumstances shall Seller be liable for incidental, consequential or indirect damages for alleged negligence,
breach of warranty, strict liability, tort or contract arising in connection with the product(s).  Buyer’s sole remedy
and Seller’s sole liability for any claims shall be Buyer’s purchase price. Data and results are based on controlled
or lab work and must be confirmed by Buyer by testing for its intended conditions of use.  The product(s) has not
been tested for, and is therefore not recommended for, uses for which prolonged contact with mucous
membranes, abraded skin, or blood is intended; or for uses for which implantation within the human body is

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Many hundred of page of application data are available for this product.  Please contact us for additional
information or to arrange lab testing in support of your applications. For product information and customer service
please contact Specialty Polymers & Services, Inc. (SP&S) at: (661) 294-1790,  Fax (661) 294-0640 or contact us

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